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Tips For How to Cool Down a Room and Stay Cool While Sleeping

Tips For How to Cool Down a Room and Stay Cool While Sleeping

Summer is a time where we all welcome warmer weather, especially here in Canada. There’s no shortage of ways to cool off during the days; pool parties, weekends at the beach, and refreshing iced beverages are among some of the best. But what about those hot summer evenings where that ceiling fan just doesn’t cut it and you’re tossing and turning all throughout the night trying to get comfortable?

A good sleep is key to waking up energized and ready to take on a fun filled summer day, and here at JYSK Canada, we want to help you achieve that! From using more than just a fan to cool down, to blocking out any unwanted sunlight, here’s how to stay cool while sleeping and create the ideal summer sleep environment!


When you’re overheated at night, you’re more likely to toss and turn in your sleep causing you to wake up feeling unrested. Though our body temperature naturally drops when we sleep, it’s important to provide ourselves with an equally cooling environment. A great way to attain this is by using a mattress topper with cooling gel! This cost effective, 4" deep luxury mattress topper is made with a core of pressure-relieving memory foam and cooling gel which shapes precisely to the contours of your body. If you’re tired of waking up in the middle of the night, then this might be the perfect solution for you. Not only are you aiding in your bodies lumbar support, but you’re also keeping cool while doing it! Shop our mattress toppers!

cooling mattress topper displayed on a simple bed frame closeup of the topper's cooling design


Avoid using heat producing appliances like the oven, dryer, or washing machine. These convenient household appliances can get very warm when in use, producing more heat in the area around them. A simple way to cool down a room and save energy is by eliminating the use of these products and doing things the old-fashioned way! Try hanging your clothes to dry, hand washing dishes and utilizing your barbeque during those hot summer nights.


Not only are blackout curtains an easy and cost-effective way to freshen up a space, but they also have a variety of benefits that help create the ideal sleep environment and cool down a room. These curtains are one of the best ways for how to stay cool in extreme heat by shielding against UV light and harmful heatwaves, helping keep cool air in and hot air out. They can also serve as a great noise barrier, aiding in blocking out sounds like heavy traffic. At JYSK Canada we offer a variety of budget friendly blackout curtains, ensuring you find the length and style that best suits your design needs. Shop our curtains.

blackout curtains displayed in a bedroom window next to a vanity


Air conditioners and fans are probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of ways on how to cool down a room, but there are some even smaller and simpler ways to achieve a comfortable temperature. If you’re feeling overheated, an easy trick to cool off quickly is by using a washcloth. All you need to do is run the cloth under cold water and pop it in your freezer. Once frozen you can take it out and drape it around your neck for instant relief. Another quick tip is to switch out your lightbulbs for LED ones. Not only is this a great energy saver, but LED light bulbs produce significantly less heat than incandescent light bulbs, making this a simple trick for how to cool down a room!


Another easy and cost-effective tip for keeping cool during those stuffy summer nights is to change up your bedding. During colder month’s, materials like flannel, fleece, and even cotton are great, helping keep you warm and cozy all throughout the night. When hotter weather rolls around though, it's important to find materials that will aid in keeping you cool. Rayon made from bamboo fabric is well known for keeping you cool during the night and regulating body temperature. Another great material blend is cotton and lyocell, they work to regulating temperature and are highly breathable fabrics. Both help divert body heat away from you and lyocell works to wick away moisture. Stay cool while sleeping by shopping our sheet sets and our duvet covers.

BAMBOO rayon duvet cover set displayed on a bed with a throw blanket


Talk about getting a bang for your buck! JYSK’s PROTEKTION pillow protectors not only offer you a variety of ways to keep your pillows fresh and clean throughout years of use, but they provide you with another budget friendly way to keep cool this summer! The reversible cool/warm pillow protector offers a unique design, with cooling fabric on one side and warmer fabric on the other, making it the ideal option for year-round comfort! Tired of waking up in the middle of the night? Then Shop our pillow protectors today! JYSK also offers comfortable pillows made with shredded memory foam mixed with cooling gel, providing an immediate cooling effect even when covered with bed linen. The gel absorbs body heat and leads it away from the body ensuring you stay cool while sleeping. Shop our pillows.

PROTEKTION cooling pillowcase sitting on a twin sized bed

Pair these easy and budget-friendly tips on how to cool down a room with cost free tasks like taking a cold shower before bed and keeping water on your bedside table throughout the night. Stay cool and stay asleep all night this summer thanks to JYSK Canada! Shop our products in store or online today for the perfect budget friendly summer sleeping!

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