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What is Scandinavian Design?

What is Scandinavian Design?

Interior design, like fashion, has various trends and styles, and sometimes it can be hard to find what works best for you and your home, all while staying within budget. Let’s face it, redecorating can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be!

Scandinavian design is perfect for elevating any interior thanks to its minimalistic and clean style. It emphasizes clean lines, modern décor, and brings touches of naturalism into the home. Scandinavian interiors are timeless, providing you with a clean and tidy environment, while remaining cozy and welcoming to all.

If you are looking to bring new life into your space, then follow along with JYSK Canada’s tips and tricks on creating the perfect Scandinavian interior.


The Key Elements:

TRAPPEDAL office furniture made with natural oak and white frames

Functionality, craftsmanship, and simplicity are some of the main elements of Scandinavian design. Naturalism, or the use of natural and sustainable materials, is one of the key components of a Nordic interior. Pale woods, leathers, faux furs, and metal finishes are often, if not always, found in Scandinavian interiors and are a perfect way to add contrast.

Simple designs are key when looking at furniture. Clean lines and simple silhouettes are a big part of Nordic furniture design. Look for those elements as well as functionality. Think cleverly hidden storage, or modular shelving. Remember: simple does not mean boring. Scandinavian furniture is meant to be practical, while also establishing a decorative focal point into your space.


Scandinavian Colour Pallet:

white sideboard displayed in a living room with grey chairs sitting around a white table

Muted colours are commonly used in Nordic interiors, offering a calming and neutral environment. Most often, a home that emotes Scandinavian design will showcase three primary colours:

White - The colour white is often used for walls or floors, creating a simple and clean base to build off. By using a neutral tone like white, you can utilize artwork and various textiles to add interesting pops of colour into a space. Though white may seem restricting, there are various temperatures and intensities within the tone, offering both colder and warmer shades with blue or yellow undertones.

Grey - This colour is often found in furniture and décor, like white, grey offers a neutral base to build other accents colours off of. However, grey is not often seen as being used for wall colours because it can have negative effects on your mood. According to some designers, the cool tones of grey can often feel depressing and sterile, leaving the colour best suited for furniture and textiles.

Black - Though black is much harsher than grey and white, it works beautifully as an accent colour within a space and is necessary to create balance. Black mirrors or art frames, lamps or ceiling lights, and the base of various furniture pieces help add clarity and aesthetics into your Scandinavian inspired room.



black lamp and candle on a bedside table

Lighting plays a big part in Scandinavian design, especially natural light. With Nordic countries getting very little of it throughout the year, lighting has become something of a special importance within Scandinavian homes.

It is important to understand the relationship that Nordic and Scandinavian countries have with nature. Natural materials often take pride within interiors; house plants, light wood, cotton, and wool are some of the ways that these spaces bring a more organic energy into the home. None so important as the use of lighting. To achieve the ideal Scandinavian space, it is important to provide each room with some sort of lighting source. Natural light is ideal but depending on the design of your space it might not be the best option. Using various light sources to create soft and warm lighting is highly recommended to achieve the calm and inviting atmosphere that Scandinavian design is best known for. Candles provide a low, warm light, where overhead lamps and chandeliers offer a brighter glow. Brass or copper finishes are a great way to add warmth to a room.


Decluttered Spaces:

GARD black metal shelves

Scandinavian décor is all about minimalism, think “less is more,” essentially meaning that organization is key! Thankfully, there are many clever and aesthetic storage options within Scandinavian interiors, as they are famous for their furniture with integrated storage. Everything has its place, making for clutter-free surfaces and straightforward organization. An easy trick to designing a tidy space is to keep all electrical outlets hidden from sight by way of cleverly placed furniture, as well as organizing all electric cords and hiding them from view. A simple trick like this helps elevate your space in a big way.

Maintaining a lack of nick knacks, ornaments, and bright colours aid in establishing a minimalist interior and emphasis the functionality of your space. By keeping a clutter free space, you are not only providing a pleasing and calming environment, but you are also minimizing mess, meaning less cleaning for you! Minimizing your clutter allows for you to enjoy more free time to relax in your home, and that is what Scandinavian living is all about!

Now that you know a bit more about Scandinavian design you can find your own way to incorporate this popular and simplistic design style into your home! Start today by shopping with JYSK Canada, in-store or online to find the best Scandinavian décor and begin your minimalist interior design journey!

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