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jysk expansion
jysk expansion

JYSK Store Expansion

JYSK is always expanding and looking to bring a great Scandinavian offer for everyone within sleeping and living.


    About JYSK
    • JYSK has a passion for Scandinavian design. Our products range from furniture to accessories, including mattresses, bedding, and outdoor products that will enhance any living space with a sense of sophistication at extraordinarily affordable prices.
    • JYSK has over 3,100 stores in 50 countries worldwide. We are looking to open approximately 10 new stores in Canada per year.

    JYSK Vision
    • JYSK is looking to expand near you. Our goal is to have at least one JYSK store within 30 minutes of 90% of all Canadians.
    • JYSK’s prototypical store is 18,000 to 25,000 sq ft.
    • JYSK scouts out areas with a minimum population of 50,000 people and a minimum growth rate of 2% as per Statistics Canada latest figures.
    • JYSK stores open in shopping centres that hold at least 3 major retail anchors with a minimum of 15,000 sq ft each.
jysk floor plan example
protosite plan

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