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Sustainable furniture from JYSK, including FSC certified wood table with chairs on a deck outdoors
Sustainable furniture from JYSK, including FSC certified wood table with chairs on a deck outdoor


At JYSK, we recognize our responsibility to you, our customer, to ensure that our everyday activities have a positive effect on the environment and our Earth’s climate. That is why we are continuously working to develop more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions with our products, in our day-to-day activities and through our supply chain operations.

A group of trees in a forested area with patches of blue sky showing between the leaves
Sustainability in your home

You will find more and more products that you can feel confident about bringing into your home as a better option for the environment.

Our GREEN ELEMENTS product line is just one of the ways that we are working to bring more sustainable solutions to you. Also look for our products that are certified with the following standards: MADE IN GREEN®, FSC® and REPREVE®.

More sustainable wood

Look for the FSC® logos on our packaging and on our outdoor wooden furniture product line Jutlandia®. FSC® is short for Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit organization that involves environmental, social, and economic responsibility for our Earth’s forests. When you see the FSC® logos, you can have comfort from knowing that these wood-based products have been sourced in a sustainable manner.

Sustainable furniture from JYSK Canada including the FSC certified dining table and chairs on a patio by the ocean
Close up of FSC certified sustainable wood patio chair from JYSK Canada FSC certified PRESTIGE high-back position patio dining chair from JYSK Canada

More recycled materials

Our mission is to help protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Our GREEN ELEMENTS product line has been developed to be “sustainable for the home”, with each of its products made from recycled materials that otherwise would have ended up in landfills.

The GREEN ELEMENTS textiles have been created using recycled fabrics and materials, such as recycled glass and recycled plastic bottles that have been broken down and spun into Recycled Polyester fabrics (PET), cotton made from pre-consumer offcuts or waste cotton yarn from spinning mills and factories, and more. These materials otherwise would have ended up in landfills and instead were hand-sorted, inspected, and turned into the beautiful products that live in the range today. Due to the nature of each product, there may be variations in the colour from product to product. This makes each item unique and a wonderful addition to your home.

Close up of recycled cotton fabric from JYSK Canada Close up of recycled cotton fabric from JYSK Canada

More sustainable production

The MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label verifies that not only has the product been tested to ensure that it contains no harmful chemical substances, but that it has also been manufactured in environmentally friendly facilities that follow proper socially responsible working conditions for the employees.

Sustainably produced SELMA 100% Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover Set from JYSK Canada Sustainably produced ISABEL 100% Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover Set from JYSK Canada

More sustainable packaging

Sustainable Packaging has arrived in our stores!

We are on a mission to ensure a more sustainable future for your family. In 2021, we began the huge undertaking of replacing all our plastic packaging for textiles with renewable and more sustainable packaging that is easy to recycle, saving tons of plastic being wasted and helping towards our goal of reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainably packaged blue duvet cover set from JYSK Canada