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Curtain buying guide

Curtain buying guide

Curtains come in a wide variety of colours, patterns, materials, and textures, but more importantly they also vary in header style, length, and light blocking levels. This allows curtains to not only provide style, but also utility for your all your windows.

Header Styles

Tab top headers are made of loops of fabric which easily hang directly on a curtain rod in spaced intervals. These are best for if you want a sleek look that also shows off the curtain rod when closed.

Similar to tab tops, metal gromets simply hang on a curtain rod while showing it off. However, this type of header has imbedded metal rings which allow the curtain to smoothly draw your curtains open or closed; perfect for curtains that are regularly used.

ANNA curtain with a tab top header REBEKA curtain with metal gromets

If you’re looking to conceal your curtain rod when the curtains are closed you may consider rod pockets, which are made of one long tube of fabric, in which you insert the rod.

Finally, there’s the option of hidden tabs with pleater tape, which allow for much more customization. You have the option of hanging your curtains using the hidden tabs, similar to a rod pocket, or you can use the pleater tape along with rings and hooks to make it as if it had metal gromets.

ANOUK valance with a rod pocket header MATTHEW curtain hung with concealed rings

Check out our wide selection or read more about curtain rods to gain inspiration.

Curtain Lengths

Sill length curtains are 160 cm long and, for the average window, will end just below the window sill, often creating the appearance of larger windows.

Valances are another option for if you want to regularly adjust the length of your curtains. Our selection are sill length and use fabric ties to allow the length to be shortened to your preferred height.

Apron length curtains are 213 cm long and typically fall 10-15 cm below the window frame, best used in homes with pets or if your window sits above a heat vent.

ASTRID curtain hung so it ends at the window sill ANOUK valance displayed with raised on a window ANAYA apron length curtain hung at a living room window

Floor length curtains are 245 cm long and as the name suggests will graze the floor when hung at the average height. This length of curtain tends to be the default choice for windows without furniture under them.

Loft length curtains are 300 cm long, which is typically too long for the average room which is 274 cm tall. Thus, these curtains would be much better used in rooms with vaulted ceilings.

SONORA curtain hung so it lightly grazes the floor MATTHEW loft length curtain hung in a room with a vaulted ceiling

Of course, if you are unsure which length is best for you, it is best to get a curtain which is too long and then hem it with thread or hemming tape to make it the perfect length for your needs.

Curtain weight and opacity

Finally, curtains come in different weights which allow for different amounts of light to be let into the room when the curtains are closed. At JYSK, we carry 4 levels of light block as shown online and on packaging in-store for your ease and convenience. Light block level symbols

Sheer curtains are made from the lightest-weight fabric, which allows filtered light to come through and provides some privacy, whilst creating a softness to the room. Ideal when hung on a double curtain rod, along with a heavier curtain, for light during the day and privacy at night.

Light filtering curtains create more privacy and protect from UV rays more than sheer curtains, however, still filter through plenty of light to keep a room well lit. Perfect for if you prefer to keep your curtains closed day and night.

Bamboo curtains are a novel alternative to fabric light filtering curtains. They allow light to pass through slats in bamboo strips and create a more natural feeling than traditional curtains.

ERIN sheer curtain showing intricate designs in a well-lit widow FINESSE light filtering curtain displayed in brown and white BRENDA bamboo curtain showing bamboo slats illuminated by the window

Room darkening curtains are designed to protect against outside heat, cold, and noise whilst still allowing for some light to pass through. This weight is a good default option if you have trouble choosing and can be used in any room.

Blackout curtains offer the most protection from heat, cold, noise, and light from the outdoor world. Made with a foam backing, this type of curtain blocks out nearly all light and is perfect for bedrooms.

WAVY GEOMETRIC room darkening curtain displayed at a living room window IRMA blackout curtain in red blocking out the outside light

After you’ve made the tough choices of deciding what types of curtains you want, see the table below to determine how many panels you’ll need. Most recommend that you get enough panels to cover double the width of your window. Next, browse our selection online or visit a JYSK near you to find the curtains that are right for you!

Curtain width guide table

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