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The living room can be one of the most difficult rooms to manage because it has to be multi-use. It needs to be a cozy space for your little one(s) to read, play and learn during the day and also a space for the entire family to rest, relax, and get together at the end of a busy day.

The first step in fighting toy clutter is identifying the real problem. Could it be not enough toy storage? Or perhaps not the right kind of storage? Or just too many toys? Start by studying the space and determining which areas of the room are the most difficult to maintain, whether you are satisfied with the current storage and whether you are willing to add or replace pieces in the room to make it more functional for the whole family.

There are different opinions about how much space children’s toys should take up in a living room. Whether you prefer a play area, which is never completely concealed, or whether you would rather have a children’s corner that can be easily packed up and put away, these storing solutions below can help you keep your space organized – and contain the toy clutter.


To incorporate toy storage into your interior design, consider the use of wicker baskets or wooden boxes to create a cozier look. Look for colors that go well with the rest of the room’s design. Large baskets, that could also be used a laundry hampers, like HEDIN, work well as their design can work within your interiors, plus they are large enough to house a lot of toys in.

KATTIL Basket JYSK Canada REIMERT Basket JYSK Canada KATTIL Basket JYSK Canada GUDMAND Basket JYSK Canada


You might just be looking for an easy and affordable solution to toy storage. While big plastic boxes that are easy to stack are perfect for housing away kid's toys in closets or storage areas, they might not be your preferred choice if you want to keep your living room’s aesthetics. However, you can look for underbed storage with wheels like SIMPLESTORE which may also fit under your sofa or TV cabinet, or smaller plastic boxes that could fit inside a sideboard. This way you can keep toys organized without sacrificing your décor.

Underbed Storage Solutions JYSK Canada SIMPLESTORE Plastic Basket JYSK Canada SIMPLESTORE Plastic Basket JYSK Canada SIMPLESTORE Plastic Basket JYSK Canada


Baskets and boxes are handy for toy storage, but you can be a little more creative and add extra storage to your space while also adding functionality. For example, you could try a creative toy storage solution with a sideboard like SKALS or GAMMELGAB, or add an additional seating space for your kids with a bench with storage like DINA or ODBY. With these, you could close the doors or put back the baskets and it will not necessarily look like a piece of children’s furniture.

Try a bookcase like HERNING or FYN that matches the rest of your furniture to store the toys and baskets that look good displayed on their own and don’t need to be hidden behind doors when not in use.

GAMMELGAB Sideboard JYSK Canada


BALSE Basket JYSK Canada BRUSE Basket JYSK Canada


If you have the space for a reading corner or nook, the AGEDRUP picture ledge makes for a great book organizing solution! You can use as many as you need or as your space allows, and it’s a beautiful and easy way to display children’s books.

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