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UNIQUE Duvet & 1 Pillow Set Medium Warm (Twin)

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Quality set including fibre duvet and pillows. Both duvet and pillows have 65% polyester/35% cotton casings. The duvet has airy, insulating filling of siliconised, spiral-shaped hollow-fibre. The pillow has siliconised, spiral-shaped hollow-fibre.

Product specifications

SKU 409-187-1006
Size Twin
Duvet Type Synthetic duvet
Measurements 162 x 218 cm (64 x 86")
Ideal bed size Twin
Warmth level Medium warm
Construction Channel-quilted
Shell 65% polyester, 35% cotton
Filling 100% siliconised, spiral-shaped polyester hollow-fibre
Filling Weight 1120g
Edge type Overlock
Edge material 100% polyester
Edge color White
Pillow type Synthetic Pillow
Pillow measurements 51 x 66 cm (20 x 26")
Pillow construction 1 chamber
Pillow firmness Medium
Sleeper type Side, Stomach
Pillow filling 100% siliconised spiral-shaped polyester hollow fibre
Pillow filling weight 480g
Cleaning instructions Wash entire pillow and duvet. Must be washed and dried in a machine which can take a load of min. 7 kg.
Machine Wash 40°C
Tumble-dry Lower temperature (max. 60°C)
Bleach Do not bleach
Iron Do not iron
Dry-clean Do not dry-clean
Care instructions Shake and air regularly, do not beat or vacuum
Warranty (duvet) 5 years
Warranty (pillow) 1 year
Made in Norway
Colour White
Package type Storage bag with handle
Package dimensions 62 x 41 x 26 cm
Includes 1 duvet, 1 pillow

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Duvet & Pillow Set (Twin)