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GOURMET Dinner Plate

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The GOURMET bamboo plate is an ideal solution for those who love dining in the great outdoors. Measuring at 8 inches, this dinner plate is perfect for outdoor dining such as BBQs, picnics, or simply enjoying a meal on your patio. The plate is made from a durable bamboo fibre material and features a beautiful green leaf design, bringing a touch of nature to your dining experience. Crafted with a blend of 30% bamboo fibre, 40% melamine, and 30% cornstarch, this plate is both eco-friendly and long-lasting. It is also part of the GOURMET serving collection, ensuring that you can match your plate with other GOURMET dining accessories. With its durable construction and beautiful design, the GOURMET bamboo plate is perfect for those who love to dine in style, whether indoors or outdoors. Its 8-inch size is also suitable for a variety of dishes, making it a versatile addition to any dining collection.

Product specifications

SKU 907-19-1012
Colour Green
Material 30% bamboo fibre, 40% melamine, 30% cornstarch
Measurements 20 cm (8")
Assembly Required No
Includes 1 side plate

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