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The GOURMET bamboo cup is an eco-friendly and stylish choice for enjoying your favourite cold drinks outdoors. Featuring a beautiful green leaf design, this drinking cup is part of the GOURMET serving collection, ensuring that it can be matched with other GOURMET dining accessories. Made from a durable blend of 30% bamboo fibre, 40% melamine, and 30% cornstarch, this cup is both strong and sustainable. Its 400 ml capacity allows for a generous serving of your beverage of choice, while its Ø 8.4 x H 13 cm (Ø 3.3 x H 5.1") size makes it easy to hold and carry. Perfect for enjoying a cold drink on a warm day, the GOURMET bamboo cup with leaf design is an excellent addition to any outdoor dining experience. Its durable construction and beautiful design make it a reliable and stylish choice for all your drinking needs.

Product specifications

SKU 907-19-1014
Size 400 ml
Colour Green
Material 30% bamboo fibre, 40% melamine, 30% cornstarch
Measurements Ø 8.4 x H 13 cm (Ø 3.3 x H 5.1")
Assembly Required No
Includes 1 cup

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