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Outdoor Patio Furniture Buying Guide

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With nice weather comes a tendency to spend more time outside having backyard barbecues, lounging by the pool, or even just enjoying a relaxing family dinner on the patio during a cool summer evening. Not having the right outdoor furniture to accommodate your needs can put a real damper on these plans so take a moment and have a look through this guide. It can help you find exactly the right piece or type of functionality you are seeking for your patio, deck, or balcony.

With being at the peak of the summer season, now is the best time ever to invest in that perfect patio piece or set that will make this and many more summers that much more enjoyable. The best part is that everything from patio furniture, outdoor décor to garden essentials are all on SALE at incredible prices!



Product Categories

Patio Furniture

We carry a wide range of furniture suitable for outdoor dining and lounging. Whether you’re looking to create outdoor seating for a family of 12 in the backyard or you just want a comfortable place to have breakfast with your partner on the balcony we have exactly what you need.



• Patio Dining Sets – Creating Your Own

Create your own unique and one-of-a-kind patio dining set by piecing together any of our patio chairs and tables. With the colour schemes of our furniture pieces being natural and modern tones, you can’t wrong in the many creative combinations you can make. With everything at a reduced price you are not only saving money but you can also trust that the set will look great! To begin creating your own outdoor masterpiece, shop Patio Chairs and Patio Tables


• Patio Tables & Side Tables

If you’re just looking for a new table for the yard or patio, we have a wide selection to choose from in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles. With options ranging from space-saving and economical bistro tables to decorative yet functional side tables, all the way up to larger dining tables with seating for 10, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to make this summer great. Shop our patio tables


• Patio Chairs & Sofas

Maybe it’s time this summer to switch it up with a new set of patio dining chairs for the patio table to make summer dinners on the deck just a little more comfortable and inviting. We have several options to choose from ranging from the sleek, modern and stackable styles to the exceptionally comfortable ones with reclining features when you binged a bit too much on the BBQ. Those dreams of basking in the warm summer sun on a comfy lounger with your shades on and cold drink in hand can come true with our outdoor chaise lounges. If you’re looking for larger seating to accommodate guests when those entertaining conversations last well into the evening, we’ve got that covered too with our plush and comfortable outdoor sofas. Shop Patio Chairs & Sofas


• Conversation Sets

Sunday afternoon, the sun’s out, and people are looking for something to do. Make your patio the place to be with any of our attractive and inviting outdoor conversation sets which creates the perfect atmosphere for everything from afternoon visits to conversations that last well into the evening. If you would rather kick it back solo, grab your favorite ice-cold drink, take a seat and enjoy the outdoors. Shop Conversation Sets



Outdoor Décor

Once you have the central elements of your outdoor arrangement selected, it’s time to consider any customizations or additions you might need. We offer a range of additional products that can enhance comfort, provide seclusion, or add a splash of colour to coordinate your set.




• Umbrellas

One of the best things about summer is the beautiful sunny weather we get to enjoy. Despite how wonderful it is, sometimes a little shade is in order which is why we have a range of umbrellas available in a variety of sizes and styles so you can find the perfect complement to your outdoor patio furniture. Our umbrellas come in two basic designs: market and cantilever. A market umbrella is perfect for dining tables that come with a center post hole whereas a cantilever umbrella is ideal for dining tables that are either very small or aren’t designed to accommodate an umbrella. Shop Umbrellas


• Patio Chair Cushions

While many of our outdoor chairs are exceptionally comfortable on their own, nobody has ever complained about a little extra plushness. Available in an array of colours, fabrics, styles, and designs, there’s a cushion for every purpose. All of our cushions have been named to match the chair it is best suitable for. Shop Patio Chair Cushions


• Outdoor Throw Pillows

Decorate your outdoor space with our vast selection of colorful outdoor throw pillows. These throw pillows will give you the comfort needed while providing a splash of color to your outdoor décor. They are available in an array of colours and designs to coordinate with your colour scheme and personal style. Shop Outdoor Throw Pillows


• Outdoor Rugs

These Canadian made flat weave rugs feature a multi-dimensional vivid texture design that brings life to any space. Highly durable for high-traffic areas in addition to being stain resistant and UV treated, make these vibrant rugs a must-have for the outdoors. Shop Outdoor Rugs


• Outdoor Lighting

Create a relaxing ambiance outdoors with soft lighting. Achieve this by adding solar lights throughout your yard and walkways that will soak up the sun during the day and illuminate light during the evening. No maintenance required. If you prefer candlelight, there is plenty of outdoor lanterns that come in a variety of styles and designs to choose from. They are great for hanging or even using on a tabletop. Shop Outdoor Lighting



Outdoor Dining

Warm weather takes us outdoors whether it’s a BBQ, picnic or time at the beach. We have made it both convenient and stylish to accessorize your tabletop and make eating outdoors simple and easy.


• Outdoor Eating

Serving trays, cups and plates – we have you covered when you want to take dining outdoors whether it is in your backyard, at the park or the beach. Our serving plates and cups coordinate with our range of placemat and napkin designs, so your tabletop looks both attractive and enticing. Durable and easy to pack away to take on-the-go or add a summer flair to the patio dining table when displayed tabletop.




Flowers are in bloom, butterflies are spotted, and you can smell the fresh cut grass while sitting in your backyard. You suddenly feel the need to be at one with nature and get your fingers green or want to add some more natural colours to your outdoor space. From smaller balcony spaces to larger backyard settings, we have items to get you digging in the dirt or to simply add some natural touches to create your own personal oasis.


• Gardening

Whether you have a balcony or a large patio, planted flowers are a great way to bring nature and colours to your setting. From square designs to round styles, we are sure to have the right type of pots and planters you are looking for along with all the gardening essentials to bring the outdoors to life. Shop Garden



Types of Materials

Our outdoor furniture is made from a variety of materials specially selected to ensure both durability and style. If you’re not sure if a particular material is the right choice for your uses, click on any of the (terms, arrows, etc) below for a brief breakdown of the benefits of several of the materials we use. As always, if you have any questions, our staff are always happy to help.

Natural woods:

The only exception being bamboo, natural wood products such as those made from eucalyptus are generally heavier than alternative materials. They also have a tendency to be sensitive to humidity and temperature changes and, depending on care and maintenance, will take on a natural patina over time.


This is an environmentally friendly material made from a unique blend of high quality production line eucalyptus sawdust and fully recyclable polyethylene resin that ensures products made with it will last a lifetime. This material is also UV and weather resistant for exceptional outdoor endurance.


Aluminum is not only weather and rust resistant, it also has excellent colour fast properties for a lightweight option that is both durable and low maintenance. To ensure an attractive, finished product, most aluminum parts in our furniture are lacquered, coated, anodized, or painted.

Steel and steel mesh:

A less expensive alternative to aluminum, steel products, while heavier, are still weather resistant with excellent colour fastness. The powder coating process that the steel undergoes produces a high grade architectural finish for attractive and durable products.


The term “polyrattan” is a general reference to fabricated wicker material made from high density polyethylene that features a low maintenance, textured surface that looks and feels like natural rattan. It is designed to endure the rigours of the outdoors including sunlight, UV exposure, extreme temperature variances, and mold and mildew.


A synthetic “rattan” fibre made from high density polyethylene with colours inspired by real life natural fibres. Products made from this material are considered an ideal maintenance free alternative to natural wicker thanks to strong and durable textured surfaces with highly colour fast properties.

Artwood (polystyrene/poly-wood):

Despite being a low maintenance and weather resistant material, this is a very high-end looking polystyrene plastic that has been molded into slats with a wood-grain finish. Lightweight and affordable, this material has excellent colour fast properties for a long life.

Tempered glass:

Significantly stronger than ordinary glass, tempered glass will resist breaking and scratching under normal use. In the event a piece of tempered glass should break, instead of shattering into jagged shards, it will fracture into small, safe, cube-shaped pieces.

Wrought iron:

A heavy, malleable metal, wrought iron, as the name implies, is iron that has been hand crafted (or wrought) to meet various needs. This material is often used in detail work on furniture and decorations.


This unique material, features a glossy, scratch-resistant finish that is also UV resistant making it a perfect material for heavy-use, outdoor furniture.

Weather-net® mesh:

Strong and low-maintenance, this mesh material is also quick-drying with a high UV resistance making it a perfect option for outdoor products.

Structure woven polyester:

Available in a variety of colours and designs, this fabric is used in many of our patio cushions because of how well it holds its shape and stays crisp.

Polyspun fabrics:

Intended primarily for outdoor use, this is a fabric used in the production of our patio cushions. Cushions made with polyspun fabrics are water resistant, durable, and available in a range of colours and designs.


An inexpensive option for the construction of umbrella bases, concrete is easy to shape and mold and can be painted and finished for an attractive look.


An inherently heavy and durable stone, granite is a great option for umbrella bases due to its size to weight ratio and its attractive appearance.



Things to Consider



While the majority of our outdoor products are designed with easy maintenance in mind, it’s important to keep this in mind when making purchasing decisions. Metal products and items wrapped in a Polyrattan finish tend to be low maintenance and easy to clean while natural wood furniture may require a little more attention and may take on a natural patina over time depending on maintenance.



All of our outdoor furniture is designed and constructed with the outdoors in mind. Materials used in the production of outdoor furniture is selected specifically for its ability to withstand outside environments while still looking great. Materials like aluminum and steel, Polyrattan fibres, and natural wood all have the sought-after properties that make the best kinds of outdoor furniture.



It’s also important to consider where your furniture will be used. Is it particularly humid? Will it spend a significant amount of time in direct sunlight? Does it tend to rain sporadically throughout the summer? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then it’s something important to keep in mind as you shop. Polyrattan furniture is mold and mildew resistant, wood furniture is sensitive to temperature changes, and aluminum is resistant to rust as a few examples.



Some materials are heavier or lighter than others and, in some cases, this may be important to consider if being used on a deck or balcony. Wood and steel tends to generally be heavier than Polyrattan and aluminum so if the weight of your furniture is important, be sure to seek out products made from appropriate materials.

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