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GERLAK Christmas Ornaments (12 pcs)

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These classy and beautiful baubles make for a timeless addition onto any Christmas tree! With an assortment of 12 black, silver, and clear ornaments your tree will have no shortage of visual intrigue. Shop the GERLAK tree ornaments today.

Product specifications

Temporarily unavailable
SKU 1001-21-1034
Colour Silver Grey
Measurements Ø 8 cm ( 3.1")
Material Polystyrene
Care Instructions Please store it in a dry and clean storage bag. Use a dry cloth for cleaning.
Safety Tips This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.
Number of packages 1
Package dimensions W 24 x D 32 x H 8 cm (W 9.4 x D 12.6 x H 3.1")
Includes 12 ornaments
Shape Balls

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