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Home Storage and Organization Tips

Home Storage and Organization Tips

It’s officially a New Year, bringing with it the opportunity to reset and start fresh. The holiday season has come to an end, and in its hasty exit, it leaves behind a special brand of clutter and chaos. Now is the time to roll up those sleeves and get ready to turn that holiday hangover into a clutter free New Year with the help of JYSK Canada.

It’s always sad saying goodbye to the fun and festive month of December, but there is a simple peace in returning to everyday life. A great way to maintain that peace is to set yourself up for an organized and stress free 2023 with easy tips for a clutter free home. As a company that is always looking out for our customers, we know that life can be hectic, making it difficult to stay organized. That’s why we have a wide selection of budget friendly options to help you clear clutter for good.


LULEA Hall Bench VANDSTED collection

Entryways are often areas where clutter builds up the most. That’s why JYSK Canada offers budget friendly, space-saving storage options. Our FYN and NORDBY shoe storage cabinets are perfect for smaller entryways, whereas the LULEA hallway bench works well in a more open setting and offers a home for your coats, shoes and any other items you may want to store away.

Our DINA storage units make for another great addition in an entryway, with room for shoes and other items in the cubed design. Its flat surface leaves you with an opportunity to style the unit or add additional storage on top. Utilize our wide variety of baskets in the cubbies for a place to hide away items in style.

Living Room:

ARE basket JOAR tray

For larger spaces, like your living room and bedroom, bookcases often offer the largest storage opportunities. Style the lower shelves with functional boxes and baskets like our ANKER baskets. This will add hidden storage without compromising the overall style of the space. Use any remaining shelves to showcase your favourite décor items.

For larger items, our GUDMAND baskets look great next to a couch or bed, fashionably storing away any cozy throw blankets or pillows. Take things a step further and utilize our JOAR wicker tray on your coffee table as a home for any TV remotes and charging cables.


SIMPLESTORE storage bins INFINITY storage bin collection

Your bedroom is a place for relaxation and rest. With excess clutter surrounding your room, you may feel more stress than peace. Luckily, there are many clever options to store away any possessions in a more organized manner. If you find that your closet is overflowing with clothing, a helpful tip would be to separate your winter and summer items. Depending on the season, fold and store what you’re not wearing in one of our SIMPLESTORE plastic bins. These storage bins can fit easily under your bed, and the secure snap closure lid ensures that anything inside will stay fresh and free of dust.

Sometimes, when it feels like there is a lot of clutter in a space, it usually just needs some reorganization. Closets especially function better with structure, making it easier for you to find what you need. Closet organizers create functional storage and free up any extra space. Our BALSE storage collection offers a seamless appearance and helps to keep your clothes free of dust. If you’re looking for a more structured style, then the ALRIK standing closet organizer might suit your needs better.

In an article discussing the infamous organizing consultant, Marie Kondo, they talk about her suggestion for going through all of your items and finding which “sparks joy” and what doesn’t. This is a great tip when going through your things because it allows you the opportunity to decide whether that item is a necessity in your life.

Organization can seem like a daunting task, but it is setting your future self up for seamless and functional living, making the year ahead as stress free as possible. Shop JYSK Canada’s storage and more, in-store or online today.

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