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Choosing the Right Sofa: Find Your Function

Choosing the Right Sofa: Find Your Function

Don't sacrifice style over function, have both

The sofa is the centerpiece of the room. We’ve tackled some of the most frustrating questions and came up with a guide for style and function along with an extra tip at the end for investing in your new furniture piece.

Imagine what your new sofa will bring to the table. If it’s catching up with friends and family over coffee, then go for a sofa with a high back to support those afternoon conversations. If you're more into lounging, then a sofa with extra depth and soft cushions will give you extra room to get cozy. Or maybe you’re an amazing hostess with friends and family often coming over to stay, so a sofa bed is the addition you need.


The first thing we think about is physical space, but size also serves a function. If you’re looking for a sofa for the entire family, then a sofa with a chaise lounge will help ensure no one fights over a seat in front of the TV. For a smaller space, or for chats with close friends, a 2-seater or 3-seater sofa could be all you need.



Besides finding a physical space to place your sofa and the flow of the room, think about where natural light enters the space. Facing the couch towards the window can have the sun enter directly into your eyes at different points of the day. But it’s not just your eyes, over time direct sunlight is damaging for both fabric and leather sofas over time.

FALSLEV Sofa with Chaise

Before the home design games begin here’s a tip to make the experience a little smoother.
Instead of shoving your new couch back and forth, use masking tape to measure how much space it’ll take up and help you visualize how it fits into the picture. This will give you an idea of whether there is enough space in your living room for your newest addition.

Now that you’ve figured out function, it’s time for style. Head over to Choosing the Right Sofa: A Surfaces Showdown to discover which style you’ll end up going with.

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