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4 Home Office Must-haves

4 Home Office Must-haves


When it comes to choosing the right office chair for your home office, think about how much time you’ll be sitting in it. The more time you will spend on your office chair, the more you might want to consider the comfort of the chair and its special features. For maximum comfort, choose a chair with neck support like KARINA, or with lumbar support like LAMDRUP, and with adjustable settings so you can adjust the height, seat, back and armrest to suit your needs.

If your office is in an open space where you’re worried about how it fits into the rest of your home, then consider leaning towards a chair that will fit the rest of your decor. There are many ranges of designs at JYSK for style and comfort.

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Grey ABILDHOLT chair at an ABBETVED desk in a home office

ABILDHOLT Office Chair


The desk is the centerpiece of your home office as it sets the scene to your study or work place. Your desk can be both stylish and functional. Small desks like HERNING are great for light office work, while an office intended for working or studying at home frequently requires a larger work surface for more comfort. Desks that have built-in drawers like MESINGE are practical, making it easy to organize your office supplies and books. A minimalist desk with smaller drawers creates a feeling of lightness in the room.

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ABBETVED desk shown with a gaming chair and monitor


the ULLITS and HEBY desks shown in home offices

From left to right: ULLITS Desk, HEBY Desk


Storage for important files, books and supplies helps organize any home office and ensure that the desk looks more tidy and mess-free. You can choose an open shelving system to hold files and display decorative items like HERNING or TRAPPEDAL, or choose a closed chest of drawers like ABBETVED to hide away clutter and work.

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ABBETVED Office Cart JYSK Canada HERNING Bookcase JYSK Canada

ABBETVED Office Cart, HERNING Bookcase


A home office needs a good ceiling or natural light, but this is often not enough. To avoid straining your eyes, a desk lamp can go a long way and can add to the design elements in your room. If you have enough space in the room, you might also want to consider a floor lamp like CHRISTIAN, specially if there is not enough natural light coming in or if the celining light in the room is not strong enough. 

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PATRIK Desk Lamp shown on a bedside table

PATRIK Desk Lamp

Wherever you end up setting up your home office and whatever the size - whether you have a small desk in your bedroom or a designated office in a separate room - having the right office chair, desk, storage, and lighting for you are the working basics of any home office.

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